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DBC - "The Entrepreneur Mind" by Kevin D. Johnson

Druid’s Book Club

Quick Take: Not what I expected, but some solid tips for anyone wanting to jump into entrepreneurship.

Longer Take:

I’m developing a course on Intrapreneurship for my day job. Part of the course involves discussing how to think like an entrepreneur. So a book on “The Entrepreneur Mind” seemed like an ideal resource. Unfortunately, it is not what I had hoped for (Obviously my fault for making an assumption based on the title).

The Entrepreneur Mind” by Kevin D. Johnson is essentially 100 tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur. I suppose some of the tips are related to an entrepreneurial mindset, but for the most part, it’s just a list of best practices.

So, not the book I had hoped for. But I would definitely recommend “The Entrepreneur Mind” to anyone hoping to become an entrepreneur. There are many valuable tips and I enjoyed how the author used plenty of examples from his entrepreneurial journey.

Some of My Favourite Quotes:

“Until an entrepreneur’s company runs without the founder, that person is just self-employed, the lowest rung in the hierarchy of entrepreneurs. The unfortunate reality for millions of entrepreneurs is that their business depends on them way too much.”

“I actively seek people who will ruffle my feathers by criticizing my ideas. … Surround yourself with honest people who tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

“Novice entrepreneurs … tend to think that the idea they have is the only good one they’ve got, demanding an all-or-nothing response with no retreat possible.”

“Entrepreneurs do not allow a bad economy to hold them back … Ironically, poor economic conditions often have the opposite effect; they motivate entrepreneurs more and propel them to success even faster.”

“Failure is inevitable in entrepreneurship, but how you deal with failure determines whether you are ultimately a winner.”

“A gap the size of the Grand Canyon separates idea and execution.”

“When you start a business, immediately choose an enemy that you and your team aspire to crush. Identifying an archrival helps to solidify your team around a common goal and serves as a natural motivator. No one wants to lose in a game of one-on-one.”

“An entrepreneur who stops learning stops earning.”

“The culture you start with will probably be the culture you end up with.”

“No entrepreneur has succeeded without some type of mentor figure. Mentors are invaluable.”

“Don’t believe the hype about needing money to start a business. It’s deceiving, and if you believe it, you could be ruining or delaying the success of your endeavour. … Having no money doesn’t mean you have no resources. You’ve got something, so get started…”

“When done correctly and effectively, networking isn’t about you. Rather, it’s about what you can do to help others improve their businesses. … get the most out of your experience by assuming an attitude of service.”

“Winning entrepreneurs act in spite of how they feel. … overcoming what we feel like doing versus what we should be doing is a daily battle … but it’s a battle you must win.”

What am I willing to sacrifice to make this happen? Your answer can help determine your likelihood of success.”

Druid’s Top Entrepreneurship Lesson: There is no one “right way” to succeed as an entrepreneur. But there are plenty of “right things” you can do to increase your chances.


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